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Back-to-school Backpacks

Become the coolest kid in school!

Sir Meows Backpack

DENIS $44.99

Frank Backpack

SKETCH $44.99

Galaxy Backpack

ALEX $44.99

Denis Backpack

DENIS $39.99

Denis Summer Products

Check out Denis's summer catalogue!

Pinchy Plushie

DENIS $24.99

Sir Meows Inflatable

DENIS $26.99 $29.99

Pinchy Swimsuit - Boys

DENIS $25.99 $28.99

Featured Products

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Frank Onesie!

SKETCH $49.99

Sir Meows Onesie!

DENIS $49.99

Galaxy Husky Onesie!

ALEX $49.99

Frank the Dino Slippers

SKETCH $24.99

The Pals Plush Toys

Buy all five plushies and get $6 off shipping!

Chip Plushie

SUB $24.99

Frank Plushie

SKETCH $24.99

Sir Meows Plushie

DENIS $24.99

Galaxy Plushie

ALEX $24.99

Pablo Plushie

CORL $24.99

Pinchy Plushie

DENIS $24.99

The Pals Products

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The Pals All-Over T-Shirt

THE PALS $34.99

The Sidekicks T-Shirt

THE PALS $23.99

The Pals T-Shirt

THE PALS $23.99

The Pals iPhone Case

THE PALS $19.99

The Pals Samsung Case

THE PALS $19.99

The Pals Snapback

THE PALS $29.99

The Sidekicks Sticker

THE PALS $4.99

The Pals Sticker

THE PALS $4.99

The Pals Mug

THE PALS $12.99

The Pals Mousepad

THE PALS $12.99